Privacy Policy for Sam Sell My Car SC

1. Consent to Services

By using our website, you consent that any information you submit to Sam Sell My Car SC in the process of commissioning our services is to be governed by the following Privacy Policy. If state or federal law changes and any of the following terms disagree with the law, the law shall always supersede the Sam Sell My Car SC Privacy Policy.

2. Information We Collect

Sam Sell My Car SC uses personal information to better inform our services, and to guarantee you receive the best service possible. To that end, we collect three kinds of information. The first is direct information, including contact information, vehicle information, and opt-in social networking information. The second includes technical browsing information, including IP addresses and other internet identifier data. 

‌We also utilize third party data, including information from social media and other online interaction services, as governed by the privacy policies of third parties and cookie permissions determined by you. Unless otherwise indicated, you agree that, for two years, we may obtain and share video viewing habits, as well as obtain other information from third parties, store and use this data as delineated by your consent and privacy setting selections on our or third party services.

3. How Information Is Collected

We only collect data that you provide individually, that third parties provide, or that is provided automatically by other online services, including technical browsing information.

4. What We Do With Information

We may use your information to do the following: create an online account for our services, personalize your service from either us or our affiliates, send service materials, provide all requested services, respond to inquiries or requests or to give technical support, prevent fraud or otherwise protect the safety of those using our services, and enforce the Sam Sell My Car SC Terms of Service.

5. Information Protection

Your information is only accessible to authorized employees and contractors who require this information to complete the requested services. We have all reasonable safeguards in place to protect your personal information. However, online transmission of information can occasionally become compromised illegally. Contact Sam Sell My Car SC immediately if you feel your information has been compromised. 

‌You may also withdraw your consent regarding the access and storage of your information at any time. If you select to receive our newsletter, you may also withdraw consent for receiving it at any time. You may also disable cookies at any time.

5. Policy Updates

Our policy may change from time to time. Sam Sell My Car SC will update you of these changes in one of two ways: announcement on our home page, or on the Privacy Policy page. Please review the site often to track applicable updates.

A note on outbound links
‌Sometimes we provide web links to other sites or companies on the internet. We are not associated with how those sites are run, and you should review their Privacy Policies before submitting personal information on those sites.