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How Do I Junk My Car in South Carolina?

Cash For Clunkers SC
  • Give us a call today at (843) 970-2937 and one of our friendly car buyers will walk you through every step of the process to get you an instant quote.

  • Tell us the make, model, year, and a little bit about your car’s condition. This information helps us to provide the most accurate and honest quote possible.

  • We won’t waste your time with estimates. We’ll work to get you more cash for your junk car and promise that the quote we provide over the phone won’t change.

  • If you accept our cash offer to buy your old car, you can easily schedule a pick-up appointment at your convenience. You don’t even have to be present when your car’s removed.

  • Paperwork is a hassle. Skip the headache and rely on our free paperwork services. Sam Sell My Car SC prides itself on making the process of selling fast and easy. Call now!

Junk Your Car For Cash!

Common Questions When It Comes to Selling Junk Cars in SC:

  • Will anyone buy my old junk car?
  • If I want to junk my car in South Carolina, where do I go?
  • If it doesn't run anymore, how can I get cash for my junk car?

We Buy Junk Cars in South Carolina - in Any Condition

Junk my car for cash South Carolina

We buy junk cars that are missing parts like panels, mirrors, door handles, and tires. As long as your old junk car isn’t missing its transmission or engine, you can sell your junk car in just one phone call. 

Junk Car Pick up South Carolina

Not only is your junk car towed from any location in South Carolina for free, but you won’t pay any fees related to paperwork, dealer sales, or car removal services.

Scrap My Car South Carolina

If your junk car has crashed or been totaled in an accident, most junk car companies make you pay to have your junk car removed. Instead, we want to pay you for your damaged car.